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Why Kyocera Copiers Is A Must For Any Business

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Buying or leasing a multi-functional printer or photocopier can be a minefield. Hence most large companies and small/mid-size businesses in our area turn to photocopier dealers such as us for ideas, purchase options and aftercare.

The team at Panacea want to share an insight as to why they choose to be a Kyocera dealership and why they recommend this brand, by answering some popular asked questions.

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Which brand should you go for? 

After extensive photocopier and multi-functional printer research and testing, Panacea chose to work with the awarding winning photocopier and multi-functional printer company, Kyocera.

Panacea are extremely proud to be the only Kyocera dealer for Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, we strongly believe they are the print brand for now and the future.

Is it eco-friendly but also efficient?

Kyocera are focused on developing products that reduce costs and increase productivity with superior environmental performance for a more sustainable future.

In 2018, Kyocera was presented with the much-coveted award of The Most Reliable Multi-Functional Printer/Photocopier by the BLI(Buyers Laboratory Inc.) this prestigious award lasts for 3 years until 2021!  The associate director of BLI George Mikolay commented; all Kyocera colour multi-functional printers demonstrated excellent reliability with every device scoring 10/10!

Kyocera eco-friendly toner ‘fuses’ on the page and prints at a lower temperature, therefore reducing printer power consumption by up to 50%.

Kyocera long-life components save resources, for example the amorphous silicon drums have a lifetime of up to 4,800,000 prints, double conventional drums.

The first printers to use a toner-only system, to reduce environmental impact and avoiding the need to replace plastic cartridges was designed by Kyocera

Kyocera don’t just focus on their print technology and their copiers being eco-friendly, they have also won the technical package award for their eco-friendly, moulded pulp shipping packaging.

Will my new photocopier fit in to my work environment and be future-proofed?

Kyocera stands out as a print manufacturer looking to future proof their products, knowing that the printing side of their business is diminishing due to companies wanting to be eco-friendlier and going all-out digital to become more efficient.

Even though your multifunctional printers or photocopiers original main objective was to print, these days more and more companies are using the scan and save to the cloud elements of their device.

That’s where managed printing services could be the solution for you. The managed print solution can make your business more cost efficient, it will also help you digitalise your documents using secure cloud services which you can retrieve and have at your fingertips in moments to review or share with team members.

Call the Panacea team if you would like further information or on how Panacea can help you save money on printing and on printing products, please call 01432 360229 for an informal but informative chat.

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