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Benefits of Print Management Services – Explained

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A print management service is a solution offered by a print management company, such as Panacea, where all your printing costs, printing maintenance and consumables are covered by a set fee, usually a price per print.

If you have high printing costs or an ageing fleet of printers which were around with Windows XP, then it probably safe to say it’s time to replace inefficient or unfit devices, which could help reduce paper and consumable costs and improve productivity.

The great thing about opting for a print management service is it will help reduce capital expenditure and improve cash flow, because you will be leasing your multifunctional printers and monthly print costs become visible.

Is your business document driven? In other words, do most of your working processes need documents or use documents?

Let’s not kid around here, 99.999% of businesses work with documents one way or the other.

According to Xerox, 40 – 60% of IT help desk calls are related to printing and document management.

Now, that’s a huge chunk of issues you could outsource to a Print Management Company to free up your IT department

A print management company can also help your business streamline document driven processes and improve productivity. You will be able to see and review departments and personnel, it will immediately highlight who is using up more resources than is considered reasonable (paper and other consumables) so they can be corrected, saving your company money. 

If a document doesn’t need to be printed and it needs to be securely stored or recorded, Print Management services can include helping you automate tasks in your package. For example; the exciting task of scanning documents and saving them to digital files. Instead of saving these importation documents to your desktop and then copying and pasting them to their relevant folders, a Print Management company can train you to set up ‘preset digital workflows’* using your multi-functional printer / photocopier to cut this dull, laborious job by over half the time.

If your photocopier isn’t printing or your multi-functional printer isn’t scanning due to an error, there will be no need for your company to have long down time waiting for these malfunctions to be repaired or having to go to the expensive of purchasing a replacement these are covered under your print management service agreement*. 

So, in a nutshell, if you spend a huge amount of money and time on printing or scanning documents you should seriously consider a print management service. This could also help your company to reduce its environmental footprint.

*Preset digital workflows is an automated way of routing your scanned files into their folders and repositories using an app on your multi-functional copier.

*This will depend on your print management services package – Take at our post on leasing vs buying your photocopiers .

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